Managing your subscription to one of the LD Forums.

There are number of ways you can manage your subscription to reduce the number of messages you receive.

These are as follows:

1. At the bottom of each message you receive there is an option to unsubscribe from that discussion if you are not interested in it. 2. For the Choice Forum and the LD Health Network there is a subscription facility which enables you to only use receive messages in the subject areas that you are interested in - (You can be very specific in the messages you receive). If you would like to use this facility please click here.

3. There is a digest option which sends one e-mail containing all the days e-mails for a subject area. You can request digests by clicking here.

4. You can use the filter facility on your e-mail programme to direct all  your forum e-mails into a specific folder which you can check in your own time. Doing this enables you to separate your day to day work e-mails from your forum e-mails. Your IT support person should be able to assist you to set this up if you have one. Alternatively e-mail for instructions.

5. Alternatively you can just have web access to the forum web site. This way you still have access to all the useful information on the forums. To request web access please click here.

6. You can unsubscribe by completing the form below.

If you need assistance with any of these options please contact

Many thanks

Neil Morris
Forum Facilitator

Please use the following form to unsubscribe from the LD Forums

Unsubscribe Form

Please unsubscribe me from the LD Fourms

My name is

My email address is
(Please check that your email address is correct)

My phone number is
(This will only be used if there is a problem finding your e-mail address in the list of subscribers)

I would like to be unsubscribed from the following forums(Please tick):-

    Choice Forum
    LD Health Network
    PMLD Network
    Hidden Loves Network

Please tell us why you are unsubscribing.

if there is anything we could do to improve the forum/network?


Privacy statement

1. The Mental Health Foundation, which includes the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, will not use this information for any reason other than processing your unsubscription request and to monitor on a collective basis the reasons why people unsubscribe from the LD Forums.



If you have any difficulties using this form please contact Neil Morris by email at:

The information on this page was provided by Neil Morris, Forum Facilitator at the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities. Email: It was last updated on 9 May, 2007

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