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LD Medication Guideline

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 Your Guide to Taking Medicine for Behaviour Problems

 Medicine Information

 Introduction (pdf file)

 Easy Read Leaflets (pdf files)  Audio Recordings (mp3)
 Amisulpride  Amisulpride
 Aripiprazole  Aripiprazole
 Atenolol  Atenolol
 Carbamazepine  Carbamazepine
 Chlorpromazine  Chlorpromazine
 Citalopram  Citalopram
 Clozapine  Clozapine
 Diazepam  Diazepam
 Dosulepin  Dosulepin
 Escitalopram  Escitalopram
 Fluoxetine  Fluoxetine
 Flupentixol  Flupentixol
 Fluphenazine  Fluphenazine
 Fluvoxamine  Fluvoxamine
 Haloperidol  Haloperidol
 Lithium  Lithium
 Lofepramine  Lofepramine
 Lorazepam  Lorazepam
 Mirtazapine  Mirtazapine
 Naloxone  Naloxone
 Naltrexone  Naltrexone
 Olanzapine  Olanzapine
 Paroxetine  Paroxetine
 Propranolol  Propranolol
 Quetiapine  Quetiapine
 Risperidone  Risperidone
 Sertraline  Sertraline
 Sulpiride  Sulpiride
 Topiramate  Topiramate
 Trazodone  Trazodone
 Trifluoperazine  Trifluoperazine
 Valproate  Valproate
 Venlafaxine  Venlafaxine
 Zuclopentixol - Injection  Zuclopentixol - Injection
 Zuclopentixol - Tablets  Zuclopentixol - Tablets
 When and how to take your medicine (pdf file)

Updated 2 Mayl 2007

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