This web site is the home to one of the following forums which relate to supporting people with learning disabilities - or to advocacy issues, including advocacy for people with learning disabilities.

The forums which you can access from this site are as follows:

1. The Choice Forum: This is the biggest, liveliest online discussion forum on issues in the lives of people with learning disabilities in the UK. It brings together people working with people with learning disabilities, national and local policy makers, service providers and purchasers, parents, carers and people with learning disabilities. It is a forum where you can ask questions, find answers, and share ideas with others with similar interests.

2. The CAIT Advocacy Forum. This forum is brought to you by Citizen Advocacy Information and Training. It is a forum which discusses all issues regarding independent advocacy.

3. The PMLD Network. This forum will be discussing the support of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

4. The Hidden Loves Forum will be discussing the support of people with learning difficulties in same sex relationships.

To join any of these forums, to unsubscribe or to find out more please e-mail the Forum Facilitator, Neil Morris, at nmorris@fpld.org.uk

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It was last updated on 18 September, 2003

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